About us

National Ecocredit is a leader in the trading and quantification of environmental attributes in North America. The company has operated in this area since 2005 and has quickly become a key business partner in the sector. National Ecocredit is known for bringing to the developers of ecologic projects an easy and affordable approach to integrate into the global market of environmental commodities.

The collaboration model for National Ecocredit with its customers is based on an integrated “turnkey’ approach. The multidisciplinary team of National Ecocredit allows green developers to find under one roof the professional services for quantifying environmental projects, mainly related to greenhouse gas emissions; advice with regards to the application of regulations on climate change and the transacting of environmental commodities.

Emitters of greenhouse gas emissions in Quebec and California are facing new regulations. The historical expertise of the firm and the important number of projects undertaken by National Ecocredit make ​​the company a leader in the sector. This also allows the company to provide a strategic vision to its customers.

Since 2005, the team of National Ecocredit has assisted its customers in the registration of more than 50 projects on recognized registries such as CSA CleanProjects Registry and Markit as well as the registration of 20 projects under the Verified Carbon Standard program (VCS).

National Ecocredit is one of Canada’s largest traders of carbon credits with more than 1.3 million carbon credits traded since 2005.


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