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National Ecocredit is a leader in climate finance, and differs from the competition by its ability to deal a large amount of environmental credits.

National Ecocredit plays many roles: as a market operator, aggregator and principal on behalf of buyers or sellers.

Since 2005, the negotiating team has traded over 1.3 million carbon credits on the voluntary market in Canada and the United States, National Ecocredit is one of the most important environmental commodities traders in Canada.

The issue of climate change concerns us all. These effects are already being felt in terms of weather disturbances, or by the loss of biodiversity components. There’s no doubt that these effects have not only an environmental cost but also an economic cost. In response to this new reality, National Ecocredit proposes to manage these impacts on the environment: on air, water, biodiversity through a market for green credits.

What is an ecocredit? 

An ecocredit is an environmental attribute that is negotiable within an organized market. An Ecocredit can be obtained by performing a project that is both additional and voluntary and the result will have a positive impact on the environment.

Currently, National Ecocredit negotiates four types of environmental attributes: carbon credits, water credits, energy efficiency credits and biodiversity credits. These ecocredits are obtained through an independent accreditation process involving three stages: quantifying the reduction of the environmental impact, the validation / verification by an independent third party and the registration of the project on a recognized public registry.

Services offered 

♦ Strategic monitoring for the carbon market
♦ Analysis of market trends
♦ Development of transactional structures
♦ Purchases of ecocredits
♦ Sales of ecocredits
♦ Development of derivatives (futures, options, swaps)
♦ Aggregations operations
♦ Matching supply and demand
♦ Legal support
♦ Account Administration
♦ Settlement of transactions


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