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A pioneer in the provision of quantification of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada, National Ecocredit was one of the first companies to realize and record GHG emissions and GHG emission reductions projects.

To date, National Ecocredit has made more than a hundred quantifications of GHG emissions and reductions on behalf of clients in the areas of transport, waste management, real estate and agriculture.

We have entered an era where the economy of the future will be low-emission. The reduction of GHG emissions is a challenge and a collective responsibility that companies must meet. The professional team of National Ecocredit has developed solutions to optimize the process of gathering information to identify the sources and the amount of emissions produced by different industrial activities and adapt to new realities.

Simple approach and affordable

Since 2005, National Ecocredit has positioned itself as an experienced consultant and has helped many companies to take advantage of opportunities in the carbon market. Through an integrated and affordable approach, National Ecocredit allows many organizations to meet their regulatory obligations or receive income from the sale of carbon credits.

Our approach is much appreciated by our clients from both private and public sectors. We offer a “turnkey” service from the quantification of emissions or GHG reductions, through to the support during the process of validation / verification to register the project.

Services offered

♦ Quantification of GHG emissions

Regulated Market

» Implementation of GHG emissions according to the criteria established by the federal and provincial governments

» Quantification of early reduction credits

» Administration and recording of mandatory reporting

Voluntary market

» Conducting an assessment of GHG emissions in relation to recognized international standards:

» ISO 14064

» GHG Protocol

» Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

» Carbon Disclosure Project

♦ Quantification of GHG reductions

Regulated Market

  1. Cap and trade system for GHGs –
    1. early reduction credits (Quebec);
    2. offsets;
  2. California’s Global Warming Solutions Act (AB32) –
    1. Early actions;
    2. Carbon offsets
  3. Clean Development Mechanism

Voluntary market

  1. ISO 14 064
  2. Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)
  3. Climate Action Reserve

Case studies

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