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Several years of rich experience in GHG quantification and climate finance allowed National Ecocredit to develop a specialized expertise in several areas related to the management of carbon assets. In order to transfer the knowledge and training to companies representatives, National Ecocredit joined the Shawinigan College and the National Centre in Electrochemistry and Environmental Technologies to create the Institute for Carbon and Energy Efficiency (IC2E). This institute is dedicated to the training of practitioners in carbon management. Professionals at National Ecocredit also act as trainers at IC2E and give classes in the areas of evaluation of carbon assets, brokerage and trading, portfolio management, overseeing the process of quantification and verification as well as accounting and taxation of carbon assets.
Carbon credits constitute a new category of asset. In the coming years, it will be a liability or an asset for many organizations. Indeed, the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment, Wildlife and Parks (MDDEFP) has determined that the Quebec market will be of 2.4 billion Canadian dollars in 2020. Executives and managers must therefore acquire specific skills to be able to respond to the new dynamics.

Training adapted to the reality of today’s managers

To allow the greatest number of managers to take part in training, National Ecocredit and IC2E offer online training. IC2E offers the program entitled “training for carbon manager” of 250 hours leading to the professional designation of “CCO-Chief Carbon Officer.” Specialized short courses are also offered in companies and for sectoral and professional associations.

IC2E - marché du carbone

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Services offered

  • Trainings available
  • Introduction to Carbon Markets
  • Development and negotiation of a contract of sale and purchase of carbon
  • Administration of transactions and records
  • Evaluation of environmental assets
  • taxation of transactions
  • Bonds, guarantees and insurance

Formats of the Training

The training may be given in several forms: 

  • Formula “lunch and learn”
  • Conference (1 hour, half-day, full day)
  • Luncheon
  • Webinar
  • Seminar

Training can be provided on site or through interactive platforms.

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