Energy Efficiency

Projet d'efficacité énergétique auprès d'un centre hospitalier du Nord québecois2


Presentation of the project

This is a conversion project of light energy to fuel forest biomass. Using waste wood rather than fossil fuels, this project can heat the hospital with renewable energy.



Projet d'efficacité énergétique auprès d'un centre hospitalier du Nord québecois

The project is located in the Saguenay-Lac St-Jean region, 500 kilometers north of Montreal, Quebec. The local economy has been highly affected by the significant decline in logging. The implementation of of the forest biomass projects allows economic growth according to the principles of sustainable development.



The hospital has in recent years put forward policies and measures to reduce energy consumption and reduce emissions of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Among the various measures which have been implemented, two of them stand out for their potential and important results. First, the purchase and installation of a biomass boiler to help meet the heating needs of the main building with a renewable energy source. Waste wood from a local sawmill is used instead of natural gas, a fossil fuel whose combustion emissions contribute to global warming. The replacement of an oil fired boiler for a natural gas boiler which burns cleaner than fuel oil also makes a positive contribution to the GHG emission reductions of the organisation.



Socio-economic and environmental benefits


    • Helps support the local economy through the use of raw materials from local business
    • Through the permanence of GHG reductions, the project improves the quality of life for citizens living near the installation and also the beneficiaries of the hospital.
    • Since the project is located in a hospital, it also improves the living conditions of beneficiaries with serious diseases.
    • Revenues from the sale of carbon credits will allow the implementation of other environmental projects.

Summary of the Project

Standards of quantification, validation et verification ISO 14 064
Quantifier National Écocrédit
Vérifier Raymond Chabot Gran Thornton
Registry CleanProjects Registry of CSA
Estimated annual reductions 2500 t CO2e
Promotional material High resolution pictures