What projects are eligible?

Several projects can reduce your emissions and be traded on the market for carbon credits.

To see a case study on transportation, energy efficiency, waste management or forestry and agriculture.

Here is a list of projects implemented in different areas.

Note: Projects are not limited to the categories below, for the simple reason that your business often includes several features that can emit GHGs, such as transport, buildings, waste management programs …

Several projects can reduce your emissions and be traded on the market for carbon credits.

♦  For transportation:

  • The adoption of eco-driving practices;
  • The replacement of the fleet of vehicles with electric or hybrid (biofuels) or optimizing the mechanical properties of heavy vehicles;
  • Optimization of the packaging and eco-design for a more efficient use of space;
  • The choice of other modes of transport and network optimization.

♦ For the industry :

  • The conversion of energy sources ;
  • Reduction of fuel oil, propane or butane;
  • Energy efficiency projects;

For buildings, emissions are related to energy consumption. A CO2 emission reduction occurs with energy efficiency projects such as:

  • Improvement of the heating system;
  • A conversion of fossil energy source to electricity, biomass, solar …;
  • Acquiring more energy efficient appliances;
  • The construction of a LEED building.

♦ For waste management :

  • Changes to screening practices;
  • On-site integration of  a biogas collection system;
  • Having established a treatment program for biogas or composting organic materials;
  • The installation of energy cogeneration units.

♦ For agriculture:

  • Establish good farming practices;
  • Use agroforestry practices;
  • Improve the efficiency of fertilizer use;
  • Capturing methane to generate electricity;
  • Storing carbon in agricultural land;
  • Complete a project of biogas slurry / manure. Mettre en place des bonnes pratiques culturales ;

These are only examples of projects allowing your company to reduce its GHG emissions.

These initiatives, taken with or without corporate strategy, allow for a cleaner tomorrow. By quantifying your emissions reductions, you validate the adequacy of your green initiative with financial results.


 Will you be a leader or a follower of this movement ?

Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information about your eligibility for the carbon market.